Child Healed of Autism

Tuesday night (Sept 29) a mother and father brought me a little three year old boy.  He was autistic.  He could say words, but it was more like a parrot saying them. I would pray, “In the Name of Jesus” and he would say “amen”, but it was just what he had picked up. 

He did not translate his thoughts into verbal language. If asked a question, such as what was the colour of my shirt, he would not respond. His mother also suspected that he had dyslexia. I laid hands on him and told the spirits of autism and dyslexia to leave. I then prayed for his brain to be rewired and reordered to align into God’s order. We tested him out, and he still didn’t respond.  I prayed a few more times but to no apparent affect.  I told the parents to not be discouraged, but to come back for prayer the next night, which they did. 

Tonight the mother told me that already she was seeing a difference in him. She had asked him a few unusual questions during the day and he had answered two of them. I was so excited. I wanted to test him again. She asked him what colour my blouse was, and he answered correctly, “Blue”!  I took him in my arms and began to pray for him again, blessing his body, soul and spirit, commanding a reprogramming of his brain, in the name of Jesus.  I set him down and knelt in front of him to say good-bye.  He took my face between his hands and began to speak something.  It was not in English, so I don’t know if it was tongues or Portuguese, or if it made sense, but at the end he said, “En nome de Jesus (In the Name of Jesus)”. It appeared as though he was praying for me! 

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