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20th Century Move of the Spirit

Global College of Ministry - 20th Century Move of the Spirit
20th Century Move of the Spirit:

Created by Dr. Connie Dawson

The purpose of this course is to significantly enhance the student’s understanding of the historic roots of the Christian faith especially as it relates to the Holy Spirit and renewal movements and figures. Since the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the turn of the 20th Century, more than 550 million people worldwide have become a part of this powerful, supernatural movement. In this course, students will study the history of the Holiness and Healing movements that led up to the Azusa Street Revival, the birth of the Modern Pentecostal Movement and its growth and development, the post-World War II healing evangelists, the Evangelical and Catholic Charismatic Movements, the Third Wave Movement, and the lives of prominent individuals in these movements.

Price: $350
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