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Deliverance 1

Deliverance Track:

Demons are terrified of Jesus. You carry the authority of Jesus. So why is it sometimes difficult to cast out unclean spirits? In this set of online courses, you’ll gain the theology and the practical tools necessary to minister deliverance to others with repeatable success. This is the inheritance of all God’s people and it will become one of your greatest joys to see others set free.

Deliverance 1:

NOTE: You have to pass these courses before you can enroll this course.

  • Physical Healing 1

This first course in deliverance ministry covers the Biblical foundation of authority, ministering deliverance, and a strong component based on the experiences of many noted ministers*.

By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the following:

  1. Biblical understanding and spiritual tools necessary to become effective deliverance ministers.
  2. A balanced and acceptable process for deliverance, focused on love, compassion and the worth of persons coming for ministry.
  3. Ability to help establish healing ministry teams in local churches.
  4. Confidence and practical experience in including healing ministry in regular preaching and teaching of local churches.

*One of these noted ministers is Pablo Bottari. Randy Clark first heard of Pablo Bottari when he was in Argentina. Dr. Pablo Deiros, co-pastor of the oldest Baptist Church in Argentina, and professor at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Buenos Argentina and at Fuller Theological Seminary, informed Randy that he considered Pablo Bottari the most experienced person in the Western Hemisphere in regard to deliverance. By the late 1990’s Pablo had already overseen 60,000 deliverances. He had served for more than a decade with Evangelist Carlos Annacondia, as his deliverance minister overseeing the hundreds that he had trained for deliverance ministry. Pablo has provided training to Global Awakening associates and students.

Price: $350
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