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Deliverance 3

Deliverance Track:

Demons are terrified of Jesus. You carry the authority of Jesus. So why is it sometimes difficult to cast out unclean spirits? In this set of online courses, you’ll gain the theology and the practical tools necessary to minister deliverance to others with repeatable success. This is the inheritance of all God’s people and it will become one of your greatest joys to see others set free.

Deliverance 3:

NOTE: You have to pass these courses before you can enroll this course.

  • Deliverance 2

This third course in deliverance ministry will focus on the following objectives:

  • Moving from deliverance basics to deliverance ministry.
  • Understanding the difference between a general calling to minister healing and deliverance, to a specific deliverance ministry.
  • Understanding the Occult.
  • Understanding the relationship between inner healing and deliverance.
  • Setting up a deliverance ministry in your church.
  • Preparing ministers to equip the saints to do deliverance.
  • Developing proficiency in training others to do deliverance.
Price: $450
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