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Deliverance 4

Global College of Ministry - Deliverance
Deliverance Track:

Demons are terrified of Jesus. You carry the authority of Jesus. So why is it sometimes difficult to cast out unclean spirits? In this set of online courses, you’ll gain the theology and the practical tools necessary to minister deliverance to others with repeatable success. This is the inheritance of all God’s people and it will become one of your greatest joys to see others set free.

Deliverance 4:

NOTE: You have to pass these courses before you can enroll this course.

  • Deliverance 3

This 4th level will be very practical in nature as you put together a process for equipping a team for ministry in your ministry setting. Throughout the 8 weeks, you will be thinking through how you would equip others and build a ministry team. You will share your progress and eventual process as the weeks go on and the completed training outline by week 8. Material from Global Awakening’s Ministry Team Training Manual and chapters 9 & 11 from the Deliverance Manual 3 be valuable as you build your equipping track.

Also, this section will focus on rebuilding Godly strongholds. It is difficult to work someone through a process that you haven’t been through yourself. Even if it may not specifically apply to you, we ask you to do the rebuilding portion yourself as much as you are able. This will help you bring others through it. In the reporting sections, please do not feel obligated to share personal information. If you know someone who desperately needs to go through this rebuilding process, feel free to bring them along simultaneously.

Price: $500
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