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Interpreting The Bible NT 1 with Studies in the Gospels and Acts

Bible Track:

Learn the principles and tools for exegesis, hermeneutics, and how to conduct trustworthy research. You’ll learn how to discern your own cultural and theological biases and, along with your online classmates, you will enter the world of Scripture in a new and life-changing way.

Created Dr. Peter Young

In this course, you will be introduced to the key themes and theology of the first five books of the New Testament. You are given a revelatory overview of each of its books and its passages. You will gain insight through videos from your professor, sturdy of select passages, and interactive Zoom conversations. Lectures pause on the applicative content of many of the key stories. You are given teaching on how to interpret the New Testament during the times of first-century Israel. You will learn how to observe, interpret, and apply the Scriptures from an ancient near eastern perspective, in its historical-cultural context, and from the revelatory aspect of the inspired text. Your instruction will give you a deeper understanding of the kingdom Gospel, the ministry of Jesus, your identity in Christ, healing, deliverance, discipleship, the Holy Spirit, and much more. We will also review how to create exegetical preaching outlines from the biblical text. 

Taking this course may be one of the best decisions you’ve made outside of receiving Christ as Lord and Savior.  His Word is Spirit and it is life! Diving deep into the New Testament will lead you to an encounter with the living Word Himself, and it is guaranteed to give you greater insight into this important section of God’s word.

Price: $350
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