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NEW Testament Prophecy

Prophetic Track:

In a time of much mixture and many prophetic missteps, it is increasingly important to be trained in prophetic ministry. This set of courses will ground you, biblically and historically, in the operation of prophets and prophecy. Along with your fellow online learners, you’ll get to know the scriptural and practical tools necessary to become an accurate, humble, and trustworthy prophetic voice.

New Testament Prophecy:

NOTE: You have to pass these courses before you can enroll this course.

  • Prophetic Basics

This course establishes a basic understanding of New Testament prophecy as well as some present issues that are parallel to the Old Testament context. Course objectives include providing an understanding of who each of the Old Testament prophets were, as well as providing a continuation for the practice of the gift of prophecy (which builds upon the prerequisite course, Prophetic Basics). The videos focus on providing definitions of prophetic people, framing a religious worldview for prophecy in the Old Testament, and include teachings from Dr. Randy Clark.

Price: $350
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