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Physical Healing 1

Physical Healing 1

Physical Healing Track:

Put your theology into practice through this groundbreaking set of online courses. You’ll join a group of fellow learners as you experience the truth that “by His stripes we are healed.” Gain a biblical framework and be stretched through hands-on practice as you are activated in a healing ministry.

Physical Healing 1:

Physical Healing 1 is a prerequisite for any Physical Healing, Emotional Healing, and Deliverance courses.

The first course in Physical Healing covers the Biblical foundation for healing, practical ministry training, and a strong component based on the experiences of many noted healers. These personal interviews will answer the following five topics:

  1. The healer’s personal journey: how they were called, key events and experiences.
  2. How they grew and learned in the area of healing and miracles.
  3. Significant breakthroughs in their life where they began to see more healing and miracles.
  4. How they developed the ability to see and hear in the Spirit.
  5. Their most miraculous healing or deliverance stories.
Price: $350
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