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Prophetic Basics

Global College of Ministry - Prophetic Basics
Prophetic Track:

In a time of much mixture and many prophetic missteps, it is increasingly important to be trained in prophetic ministry. This set of courses will ground you, biblically and historically, in the operation of prophets and prophecy. Along with your fellow online learners, you’ll get to know the scriptural and practical tools necessary to become an accurate, humble, and trustworthy prophetic voice.

Prophetic Basics:

This first course covers the basics of prophecy. Course objectives include learning how to hear God’s voice, introducing the prophetic process (revelation, interpretation, application, delivery), examining the different types of prophets, introducing the seer realm and dream interpretation, and avoiding pitfalls when prophesying. Prophetic Basics lays a Biblical foundation for the prophetic gift, while gaining a greater knowledge of what prophecy is, as well as its purpose. Course videos include interviews and teachings from Dr. Randy Clark, Patricia King, Bob Hazlett, Mark Virkler, Jamie Galloway, Dale Mast, Doug Addison, and Graham Cooke.

Price: $350
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