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College of Ministry

Renewal Theology

Renewal Theology Track:

Discover your part in the ongoing story of revival through this new course from Dr. Randy Clark. Learn how to articulate and defend the present-day move of the Holy Spirit and increase your confidence in the gifts God has given you. Together with your fellow learners, this course will give you the tools to discern the work of the Spirit in the world today.

Renewal Theology:

Will cover the core theological beliefs of Renewal Theologies. Students will learn the distinctives of Renewal Theologies, especially Third Wave Theology. This course will provide the Biblical foundations for the following core beliefs:

  1. Analysis of 21st Century Apostolic Ministry or Offices
  2. Christology
  3. Pneumatology, Part 1 The Baptism in the Spirit
  4. Pneumatology, Part 2 The Gifts of the Spirit
  5. Ecclesiology
  6. Gospel and Kingdom Theology Now-Not Yet, with Eschatological Implications
  7. Faith, the currency of the Kingdom
  8. Conspiracy theories regarding the New Apostolic Reformation – Cessationism’s new Straw-Man.

The assignments will be focused on the practices that arise out of these beliefs as a major focus with a minor focus on the depth of theological reflection.

Price: $350
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