Master of Ministry
Equipping Ministers with Biblical and Practical Foundations for Effective Ministry

Program Objectives

This pre-doctoral program has been designed for those persons who have already completed a graduate degree that was in another field of study. The 30 hours required in this program focus on Bible, theology, and practical renewal theology. They are intended to provide the requisite foundation needed for moving into ThD and DMin programs in Renewal Theology.

Master of Ministry Degree Summary

Courses Hours
Introduction to the Old Testament (BTHE 5003) 3 Hours
Introduction to the New Testament (BTHE 5013) 3 Hours
Revival History (Choose 1) 3 Hours
Systematic Theology 1 and 2 (BTHE 5243 and BTHE 5253) 6 Hours
Hermeneutics (BTHE 5023) 3 Hours
New Testament elective 3 Hours
Old Testament elective 3 Hours
Physical Healing 1 (HEAL 500) 3 Hours
Ministry Elective (we recommend one that focusses on Renewal Theology) 3 Hours
Total 30 Hours

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