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After 15 Years of Neck Pain, Forgiveness of Parents & Husband Brings Healing!

One of my favorite inner healings happened when a woman came to get prayer for the discs in her neck. I found out that this injury came from her husband violently beating her and now 15 years later she was in bad pain. I asked her before we (my catcher/interpreter and I) prayed if she had any unforgiveness toward her husband. 

She said no that she had forgiven him a long time ago. As we kept talking we learned that as a child she wasn’t loved and valued by her parents. I asked if she was willing to forgive and bless her parents. She said yes and simply forgave them and blessed them. Then we prayed that she would receive the Father’s love. The love of God hit her and she hit the ground. While she was on the ground we could see her face change. Peace was filling her heart. We prayed a few seconds for her neck and then she got up. We asked how her neck was feeling. She said that there was no improvement but her heart felt at peace.

The Holy Spirit brought her husband back to my mind. I asked her again “Are you sure you have forgiven your husband?” She didn’t reply for a bit but then said “You know I don’t think I fully have forgiven him. I think there is still a root of unforgiveness in my heart.” She then simply forgave her husband for beating her, blessed him and then received the Father’s love again. In front of our eyes we again saw her face change. More peace came and the burden of unforgiveness was lifted. I asked her how she was feeling now (I meant emotionally because of how amazing she looked), but she thought I meant her neck. She moved her neck and shock was on her face. Her neck was totally healed! Fifteen years of pain totally gone by just forgiving her husband. Ha-ha! She was so happy she hugged me and lifted me up off the ground! We jumped, laughed and hugged some more! – Janell

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