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Team Member’s Elbow Gets Better After Prayer

Today on the bus to the airport, I felt a sharp pain in my left elbow for about 10 seconds then it left. I asked my  teammates sitting around me if anyone had pain in their left elbow. Chad from Texas said he did and welcomed me to pray for him. I invited the Holy Spirit to come in healing power in Jesus’ name. After a minute of prayer, including commanding the pain to leave and his elbow to be healed, I asked him to check his elbow out and move it around. He did but said there was only a very slight improvement. So, I kept on praying commanding the pain to leave. Chad told me that the pain originated from his shoulder due to an injury from lifting weights. He also said that the pain is caused by inflammation. So, I commanded the inflammation to leave in the name of Jesus. I did that for a couple minutes then got him to check his arm and shoulder out. He said that the pain had improved more but was still there. So, I kept on praying commanding the pain and inflammation to leave in Jesus’ name and commanding his shoulder and arm to be healed. After another couple minutes I got him to check his shoulder out and he said that his shoulder and arm were 80% better! Praise Jesus!

Brendyn, City Planner

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