The Power of the Holy Spirit Changes Lives

Tonight, we ministered at the El Camino Church after Justin Allen preached on the Holy Spirit and how He changes lives when we receive Him. With an interpreter, I prayed for a woman with pain in her hip. After several prayers, the pain went to zero and she felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I prayed for a man with Parkinson’s disease with his wife standing at his side.  I invited the Holy Spirit to come with power and commanded the disease to be healed in Jesus Name. I asked him what was going on, and he was so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit that he could not talk and looked like he was in another world.  His wife finally got him to say that something was happening in his head and he felt peace.  We got him to sit down before he fell back and inquired if things were getting better.  His wife lifted up his head and looked at his lower jaw which normally has tremors and it was still.  She was over joyous. – John, Dentist

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