Word of Knowledge Brings Healing of Left Knee

During the altar call for healing at the Londrina crusade outreach, a man named Antonia Marcus, who was in his late 30’s or 40’s, came up and shared that he wanted prayer for his family and his daughter in the U. S. 

She had been there for 10 years. Nothing more was said. I prayed for him and blessed his family and his daughter. After the prayer was over, I told him to wait a minute. I had an impression from the Holy Spirit about pain in his left knee. I felt a slight sensation of pain. I asked him if he had something wrong with his left knee. He said that he did. So I laid hands on him after asking permission and prayed for all the pain to leave in Jesus name and prayed for complete restoration. After the prayer he opened his eyes and said that the pain was gone. He also said he could tilt his left knee back and forth and then took his left hand and put it behind his back and tried to touch the right side of his back. He said the pain was gone. He could not do any of this for 10 years. We prayed again and thanked Jesus for being the healer. He then wanted to give me a hug.
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