Young Woman with Multiple Issues Forgives – Foot Healed, G. I. Tract Touched

We were praying for the sick during Randy’s sermon. Alison and I prayed for a gal in her 20s who came in a wheelchair whose bones were deteriorating because she was not able to digest calcium. She had crutches as well as a bag that had all her nutrients going through her heart and arm.

Three years ago she was working at a care facility when a dementia patient punched her in the stomach paralyzing her G. I. tract. She could no longer eat or have a bowel movement. She also had fallen and injured the bones in her foot. She was wearing a Velcro boot cast. The pain was an 8 of 10. The doctor said she had five years if she continued to intravenously eat. She said Heidi had prayed for her in the fall and so had John Arnott. She was starting to do better. But in November her grandmother died and she over extended herself to help her mother with arrangements. She had had a lot of healing prayer but hadn’t dealt grandma’s death. Due to the stress of grandma’s death, everything in her body shut down and she was hospitalized.

She told us her grandmother had always been mean, unkind and lying. After a while she was able to forgive her grandmother. She had been holding onto bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, and depression. She never knew her grandmother as kind or enjoyable. She was able to see her grandmother as broken and forgave all of the times that to mind that her grandmother had hurt her. She got rid of rejection, anger, bitterness, guilt, and unforgiveness.

Then we prayed for healing over her G. I. tract commanding the spirits that paralyzed it to go, infection to go, trauma to go and anything that got on her from the person with dementia. (She had already forgiven that person.) She said peace fell on her and something heavy lifted. I prayed also for the enzymes to come into place (this was causing the problem of lack of calcium).

We started praying for the broken bone in her right foot (she couldn’t stand on it or move her toes). The pain level was about a 5 after taking a narcotic. We prayed two times and she started moving her toes. We prayed again and her foot was healed. She had no pain and could walk. She said she had strength in her legs to walk where she couldn’t before. Praise Jesus! We won’t know if the G. I. tract was healed until she sees the doctor. – Chandra

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