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Learning to Love

Ashley Barnes photographWritten by Ashley Barnes
Ashley is an Events Coordinator for Global Awakening, helps with Partner services, and works as part of our marketing team. Ashley is a professional photographer and loves to explore new places and find new adventures - especially with her husband, Ian. They enjoy hiking, music, games, playing sports, and doing random projects around the house.

I recently had a chat with Joe, our web developer, about how people today are so strongly focused on being “right” that they completely forget how to love and respect people. A lot of people tend to notice all of the rules when they read the Bible. Unfortunately, it’s easy for people to get stuck there; to focus on making sure to follow the rules in order to “qualify” to be a Christian. They even go out of their way to make sure that others are following those rules exactly the same way they are. If you do that, though, you completely miss the heart of the message. God’s heart for us is to love each other “Love your neighbor as yourself…There is no commandment greater than these” Mark 12:31 He said loving Him and loving others are the greatest commandments — not following a set of rules. The heart behind those rules are so that we can have guidelines on how to best love God and to love others. If you are stealing, cheating, lying, etc. to others, you aren’t loving them.

Look back at how Jesus reacted with the adulterous woman who was about to be stoned to death. What did he do? In John 8:7 He said “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” So powerful! He didn’t say, “Yeah, you’re right. She sinned. Go ahead and stone her to death. Following the rules is the most important thing.” Ha! Instead, he threw it right back at them. He knew that none of them — none of us — are perfect. He didn’t ask us to be. He didn’t ask us to make sure we’re being perfect or make sure everyone around us is either. In fact, he said in Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” We weren’t called to be judgers or accusers; we are called to be lovers. We are to come along side each other and build each other up in love — whether we agree with them on everything or not.

Jesus hung out with tax payers, thieves, adulterers, and murderers. Yet, he treated them in love.

Matthew 5:1–12: (NIV)

Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him, and he began to teach them. He said:
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.
Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”




How to Prophesy Accurately

joe cotten's photographWritten by Joseph Cotten
Joseph is Global’s Web Development Specialist, which means that on this website and all our other websites, he is the man behind the curtain. He enjoys things of the geeky variety, has played guitar for 26 years, roasts his own coffee, and has a PhD in Underwater Basket Weaving. He does not have a PhD in Underwater Basket Weaving.

Admittedly, the title of this blog post is a bit ambitious and of course no one can promise you that you’ll be able to prophesy accurately after reading one article. In fact one of the foundational scriptures for prophecy is 1 Corinthians 13:9, “For we know in part and we prophesy in part,” or as the New Living Translation puts it, “Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture!” But don’t be discouraged: 1 Corinthians 14:3 says, “For you can all prophesy one by one, so that all may learn and all be encouraged.”

In John’s gospel, Jesus is quoted as saying, “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth.” (John 16:13). This is a tremendous promise, as it shows us that it is the Holy Spirit’s job to train us up. Whatever gift(s) God has given you will be grown and made manifest by the Holy Spirit. So God guarantees to help you prophesy better! It’s your job to learn to submit to His process, and in case you get discouraged about your ability to do so, remember that Philippians 2:13 says, “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.” This is the amazing covenant into which you have been placed: God gives you gifts, he gives you desires to use those gifts, he trains you up in them, and he gives you the power to partner with that training. We even see in 1 John 2:27 that “the Spirit teaches you everything you need to know,” so rest in knowing that the Holy Spirit is actively working in you. If you desire to prophesy, He is actively helping you do just that.

So…how to prophesy accurately. All true prophecy begins with this: “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” — Revelation 19:10 Logically, we can flip that sentence around to see that the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus, or to put it another way, all prophecy sounds like Jesus. If a prophecy doesn't sound like Jesus, it’s not prophecy.

Combine that with Scripture’s teaching that we — followers of Jesus — are the bride of Christ, and we can build a picture of what prophecy should sound like: a husband speaking to his bride. Or, as 1 Corinthians 14:3 puts it: One who prophesies speaks to people for edification [to promote their spiritual growth] and encouragement [to uphold and advise them concerning the matters of God] and consolation [to compassionately comfort them]. (AMP) Even when Jesus rebukes us, it is loving, encouraging, and it imparts faith along with conviction.

Practical Steps

If the key to delivering a true word is to sound like Jesus, then step one of any prophecy is to get the heart of Jesus for the recipient. This is true whether you are prophesying over an individual or over a group of people.

  1. Ask God to show you what He has done for the recipient.
  2. Roll over in your heart & mind the ways that God has shown love for the person. For example, you could say to God:
    • You sent Jesus to die on the cross for this person.
    • You called them out of the pit and have set them on a path of righteousness.
    • You are showing them the right way to live, and you are empowering them to be free from all that holds them back.
    • You have poured out your Spirit on them.
    • You are healing them from what pains them and you long to lift them up.
    • You are faithful to them, even bringing them here to hear from you once again.
    • You have not given up on them.
    • You are their good shepherd, causing them to lie down in green pastures; you are leading them to waters of rest; you restore their soul; you have been with them through every dark valley…
  3. Continue meditating upon all the ways that God has shown His love to the person. Connect in your heart with God's emotions for the person. Allow yourself to feel His affection and His hope for the person. Stay here until you begin to feel overwhelmed by His heart for the recipient.
  4. Now, ask God what He wants to say to the person.

It all comes down to this: if you are fully immersed in God's heart for a person, you can't deliver an inaccurate word. Anything you say at this point is going to be informed by God's heart of love for your ministry recipient. You are aligning yourself with the testimony of Jesus, which means you can deliver a prophetic word with potency and accuracy.

The lovely thing about this process is that it gets faster and faster the more you use it, because it's coming from a place of mercy, love, compassion, and focusing on the other person. This is what the Holy Spirit does in us: He helps us focus on others, to love better, and to connect with His heart for those around us. He will train you up in this if you let Him!

Next Steps

As we like to say around here, there is more! There’s certainly more to learn about the prophetic, and all believers can benefit from training. One of the ways that the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth is by speaking to us through other people (kinda like prophecy), which is one of the reasons we offer training schools. We have an online prophetic training program here » and many of our conferences feature sessions which can help you grow in prophetic ministry.

Keep going! You can do this, and no matter how far/deep you go in prophetic ministry, always remember that it’s Jesus the bridgroom speaking to His bride. Get to know Jesus and you can trust your prophetic words.




Why We Celebrate Christmas the Way We Do

joe cotten's photographWritten by Joseph Cotten
Joseph is Global’s Web Development Specialist, which means that on this website and all our other websites, he is the man behind the curtain. He enjoys things of the geeky variety, has played guitar for 26 years, roasts his own coffee, and has a PhD in Underwater Basket Weaving. He does not have a PhD in Underwater Basket Weaving.

Recently we were asked through a social media platform why we celebrate Christmas the way we do, specifically how we as Christians are ok with using old pagan rituals during the holidays. As you may or may not be aware, most of the ways modern holidays are celebrated is by using old pagan rituals surrounding an astronim event such as a solstice, equinox, or moon cycle. New believers coming out of neo-paganism may especially have questions as to how these rituals can be used in a Christian context. I took some time to put together a response, and thought it would be worthwhile to post it here on the Staff Blog as well. Enjoy!

There are several reasons why we, along with other Christians celebrate Christmas the way we do. The first that comes to mind is that Jesus is the great Redeemer; it’s who He is and it’s what He does. He makes all things new (2 Corinthians 5, Revelation 21); He redeems our lives from the pit (Psalm 103), and by faith in Him, we can be a part of that redemption. Paul says in I Timothy 4:5 that even our food is sanctified by the word of God and prayer. The context of that Timothy scripture is especially relevant to the Christmas issue because Paul was writing to Timothy, a pastor of a church in a pagan land that still practiced the old pagan rituals.

In Ephesus, where Timothy was located, everyone was taught from childhood to worship and pray to the Greek and Roman pantheons of gods. They would bring offerings to the temple of Minerva (Roman version of the Greek Athena) to pray to “her” for wisdom in warfare and for help in their craft businesses. They would bring food to the temples of Zeus and Aphrodite in hopes that they would be able to bear children and so that their cattle would reproduce in the Spring. It was a highly religious culture full of pagan rituals, so you can imagine that a new follower of Jesus may not yet realize that there is actually only one true God. Many of them evidently believed that Jesus was indeed their savior, but they also still thought that Apollo would grant one wisdom if one brought food to his temple and worshiped him. Paul therefore encouraged Timothy to be aware that these new believers might not yet be able to differentiate between the worship of false gods and the worship of the one true, living God. Paul makes the point several times in his first letter to the Corinthian church that these gods are not gods at all: they are powerless idols, and therefore it’s perfectly safe to eat food that’s been offered to those idols. Since the idols are powerless and false, the food that was offered to them is also powerless, and is just normal food. See I Corinthians 8 and again in I Corinthians 10. However, he gives the caveat that since many new believers don’t yet know that those old gods were false, they could stumble in their faith if they were to see Timothy eating food from Apollo’s temple or Athena’s temple or any of the other “gods”.

Imagine this scenario: a farmer has grown up with the deep belief that in order to get good crops in their farm, they had to take fresh bread and meat to the temple of Demeter (or Roman Ceres), lay that food on the altar, and pray to Demeter several times a year. One day this farmer is in the temple square, having just brought a sacrifice of food to Demeter and is on their way to Apollo’s temple with more food, so that they can pray to Apollo for wisdom. On the way, they hear someone proclaiming a new religion in the public plaza. They stop and listen, and hear a message that causes them to suddenly become aware of their own sin. They begin to see that their motives are corrupt, and they feel dirty. Then they realize that the person proclaiming this new religion is saying that there is one true God, who is the God above all other gods, and that He alone is worthy of worship, but that we are too sinful to approach Him. Thankfully, He has given us a savior, a redeemer, who was betrayed by His people and executed by the Romans, yet He rose from the dead 3 days after His death. The preacher explains that this savior took our sin upon Himself and even BECAME sin for us! (2 Corinthians 5) This means that through God’s only Son, Jesus, we can be clean, forgiven, and made right with the God above all gods. In fact, in light of who God is, all the other gods are shown to be what they really are: useless works of wood and stone fashioned by human beings in our own likeness. So our example farmer falls on his knees and repents of his sinfulness, accepting Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for his sins, and begins to live for Jesus.

There’s a problem, though: they didn’t quite catch the fact that all the other gods are worthless. They are a brand-new Christian, and have much to learn. They feel in their heart, though, that they should no longer bring food sacrifices to Demeter; they have a feeling inside (because of the Holy Spirit), that they should have faith in Father God that He will provide for them, and that God will bless his farm crops because of Jesus, and not because the farmer brings sacrifices to Demeter's temple. But then one day they see their pastor Timothy and some of the church elders in Demeter’s temple! You can almost hear the young believer's thoughts: “GASP! What is this?? Why is my pastor Timothy in Demeter’s temple? And look: he is getting the food and taking it home to eat!” For this new believer, seeing this could shake their faith and make them think that they SHOULD still be worshiping the old gods. They might think that Jesus is actually just another of the many gods, and that they should still be worshiping Demeter, Zeus, and the other gods along with Jesus.

That is the situation which Paul was addressing when he taught that it is just fine to eat that meat, BUT if doing so will cause another believer to stumble in their faith, it would be better not to eat that meat. It would be more loving to forego the discounted food until the new believers have been taught more thoroughly. In that situation, Timothy should not eat the meat, even though he knows it would be perfectly fine to do so, because it would be unloving to the young believer, as they don't yet know that Jesus alone is God.

I think this historical instance is relevant to your question because as Christians, we know that decorating a pine tree in celebration of Jesus’ birth can be a worshipful experience. We gather our families together and give each other gifts in honor of God giving the ultimate Gift to us (His son Jesus). We light the tree because Jesus is the great Light who came into our dark world. We string up green holly on our doorways because Jesus brings life into even the coldest of hearts, and causes us to be spiritually evergreen, even in a cold dark world, we can be alive because Jesus is inside of us! Students of history know that Jesus was most likely born in Spring or Summer, but the early Church redeemed the Winter Solstice celebration and took it over for Jesus. They used the fact that everyone was already celebrating the solstice as a way to turn the tide of culture in God’s favor, much like they did with the Spring Solstice celebration, wherein they turned it around to become a celebration of Jesus rising from the dead (Easter).

Another point here: it was originally God’s idea to celebrate seasonal changes and moon cycles. If you look in the Old Testament law, God commands His people to celebrate new moons and to mark the changing of seasons with celebrations, feasts, fasts, etc. God wants us to be aware of how faithful He is throughout our lives, and one way to do that is to be aware of seasonal changes, and to remember how God has been good to us during the previous season. The pagans distorted the original celebrations by turning them into the worship of nature, drawing down the moon, and other methods which they believed would give them power, but in the beginning, God had holy intentions for helping us to mark the changing of time.

This also happened when the early Church fathers decided to make Sunday the start of the week, and for it to be the day they met together. Traditionally, the Hebrews met on Saturdays because that was the Sabbath, but after Jesus rose from the dead (on a Sunday), the Church decided to make Sunday the new Sabbath, and for that to be the day they would meet.

So you can see a long history of redemption in this: God’s people redeem days and celebrations, using them to celebration Jesus and the goodness of God.

Another point that comes to mind is from Titus 1:15: “To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted.” As God has purified our hearts by Jesus, we can use powerless objects like an evergreen tree and boughs as tools to worship the only true God and the amazing gift of His Son.




Seasons Change

kathy dorrellWritten by Kathy Dorrell 
Kathy Dorrell was our ANGA assistant administrator for quite a while and now serves as a Student Pastor for Global School. She also serves as our Lead Intercessor and Prayer Coordinator. In addition to all of that, Kathy is a wife and mother of four amazing kids. She enjoys old movies, coffee and lazy Saturdays.

As seasons change in the natural we often see that spiritual changes come in seasons as well. “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). For every matter that concerns us is one in which the Lord has already seen. He is the One who knows the seasons and has set them in place. Our lives are often in seasons as well.

When we examine how chapter 3 lists out every sort of season a life could possibly experience; the good, the bad and the ugly, we also see that seasons are inevitable. They come along in cycles and times just as they were created. Each one bringing its own value in order to make life grow, rest, reproduce, and pass away.

As the natural seasons change so our spiritual lives can change as well. In order for our natural seasons to change there is an aligning and positioning of the earth, sun, and moon. All of these must get into position before we feel and see the manifestation of a new season. Within our spiritual lives, we also must get into position and get ourselves aligned properly for the changes ahead.

So often we are looking for changes and hoping to see God shift our situations, but we forget that we must take part in the positioning and aligning of ourselves for a coming season. Sometimes we need to align ourselves with education in an area God is taking us into; learn a new skill. Sometimes we need to be strong, healthy and ready for a new season by resting and taking care of our health. Sometimes we need to walk away from something comfortable and align ourselves with a new surrounding. All of this positioning, while praying and seeking God, gets us ready for the seasonal changes in our lives.

God moves when we align ourselves with what He is doing, and then we see the fruit of each season as old ways pass away and new beginnings start. Each season carries wisdom and experiences from the past so that the future is more fruitful.

As the seasons change, summer to fall, prepare yourself for what is ahead. Just as you plan for the change in the natural, plan for a change in the spiritual. Start looking ahead to all the Lord desires in your life, get ready for it. Align yourself for this change.

Jesus, rather upset, says in Luke 12:56, “Hypocrites you know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don’t know how to interpret this present time?”. He is talking about our ability to see when the natural seasons are changing and yet not seeing the spiritual changes. It is essential that we look beyond the natural situations and see the good plan our God has-pray for this Good plan in your own life and the lives of those around you.

In 1 Chronicles 12, we read about the sons of Issachar who “…understood the times and knew what Israel should do.” They were a generation, sons, from the tribe of Issachar who recognized what was happening in their times, and therefore knew what to do. Whatever season you are in personally, think about the natural as well. Consider these parallels in your life:

Sow seeds—build new relationships
Growth—develop new opportunities or ideas
Planting—settle into new goals or plans

Longer days—give more time to people or plans
Growth and fruit—harvest the good in opportunities and relationships
Heat—let the intensity and your passion for God be known

Harvest—gather people for fellowship or training
Cooling off—slow down and enjoy your blessings
Dying—let old ways go

Store up—gain knowledge and more understanding
Rest—take time to regain strength
Snow—forgive people and cover them in blessing

We are best at being spiritually fruitful in all seasons when we can recognize what to do. Whatever season you feel you may be in, start moving and praying according to the needs of that season and you will break through into the next season so much more prepared.

We need to be a people who, like the sons of Issachar, understand the times and provide solutions. If we embrace the seasons of our lives and meet the needs of each one, we will all begin to move forward together. Perhaps nations will begin to transform because we understand what to do.

Let’s realize that each of us may feel like we are in different seasons, but this is not a bad thing…it is actually good: while one rests and studies, others gather and plant. The whole Body is still working together; advancing the Kingdom. Ultimately whatever you’re going through is a now season and all of us are hoping to see God move now so that the Kingdom is truly catapulted forward.




Hope For 2017

kathy dorrellWritten by Kathy Dorrell 
Kathy Dorrell was our ANGA assistant administrator for quite a while and now serves as a Student Pastor for Global School. She also serves as our Lead Intercessor and Prayer Coordinator. In addition to all of that, Kathy is a wife and mother of four amazing kids. She enjoys old movies, coffee and lazy Saturdays.

What a wonderful year ahead!  Each and every year comes with HOPE! The rest is up to us and what we do with it. May all of us take hold of the HOPE of this world and run with joy to complete all that He has given us to accomplish. It is my hope that all of us will complete the goals and expectations that this year presents and we will see tangibly the advancements we have made!

Colossians 3:23–24 says, " Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving."  This truth is amazing because it's about our perspective on life. "Whatever you do" is a statement full of hope; full of life.  In this year, in your life, whatever you do, do it for Jesus. It doesn't matter how big or how small the tasks of each day may be because all of it is holy unto the Lord. He alone is the One watching while you pick up after others, do the dishes, complete all the daily tasks your boss gives you, or tackle that new adventure that has been waiting for you to embrace. He alone sees what you do and how well you do it. You may never get a thank you or a moment of appreciation, but be joyful in accomplishing what is given to you. The Lord is the One who will give you an inheritance; a reward. Let this year be the one that we remind ourselves it is all for Him.

I remember a time when my children, all four of them, were small and I was working full time as a first-grade teacher. From sun-up to sun-down I was surrounded by little children. And as many of us know, children have many needs. My chores and job responsibilities were constant and by 9 pm I just wanted to go to bed.  I would fall into bed only to wake a few times at night to take care of a baby and to wake in the morning tired but having to do it all over again. There were times when I thought the growing laundry pile might actually swallow me and would anyone even notice. Life can become quite mundane and the mundane can be exhausting. All I knew to do was ask the Lord for help and to keep going. It was in the mundane of life, the routine, the ordinary that I learned how everything from changing diapers to grading papers was holy.  Whether this year is exciting or mundane, it all counts. Jesus is there even in the mundane.

We are all part of one BIG plan. Each one of us has different jobs and responsibilities, but our God sees us and He hears us. All that lay ahead, ordinary or not, is exciting to Him. He calls it holy!  Our lives impact and our attitudes influence. The people of the world will think us strange when we reflect the attitude and work habits of our God. They will wonder why we show up each day ready to succeed...and may it make them wonder. They will wonder why we are joyful in a world so full of hurt...and may it make them wonder. Whatever we do, may we do it for you, Jesus, …and may they wonder enough to know Him too!

Here is what I feel over this year: This is a year of breakthroughs and rising up. It's a year of turning around for those headed in the wrong direction. It's the start of new beginnings for the whole nation but there is an opposition coming that has a real hatred for the goodness of God, however, it will find itself frustrated. People will begin to speak a different kind of talk and see things more clearly. The nation will become tenser but the church will expand undercover and underground.




From the Cafe to the Office

rj hutchings selfieWritten by Rachel J Hutchings
Rachel is Global’s Jr Web Developer, which means that she is the side-kick to Joseph Cotten, the Web Specialist. She also runs the majority of our social media! She enjoys collecting vinyl records, going to shows, brunch, Netflix binges, and frequent coffee shop visits. She can even make you a cortado, if you ask nicely.

While attending the Art Institute for Web Design and Development, I worked various jobs to afford the gas to commute to class, and lots of vegetarian food. Most of these jobs were in retail (vitamin stores and a local health food store...what can I say, I dig nutrition). However, my most recent job was at a 1920's themed cafe in the city, where I was able to pursue a hobby I always thought would be fun to learn: coffee making


After taking some classes at a local coffee roaster (Espresso 101, Espresso 201, Milk 301), I was starting to feel like a highly educated "coffee snob". Who knew so much math and science went into a simple cup of joe? Then, once I finally had my first shift on my own at the cafe, I felt like a Barista.

throw down judging

Early on into my "barista career" I was invited to a "throw down" in Lancaster, PA. What is a throw down, you may ask? Well, it's all about the latte art, my friend. Two baristas go head-to-head at pouring their best (prettiest) cappuccino, and a group of blind judges pick which one they think is best, until the ultimate winner is chosen. The baristas at the coffee shop that hosted the throw down were so encouraging and ultimately got me to participate. I didn't get past the first round (that's what happens when you go against one of the best right away), but everyone was just genuinely stoked that a newbie like me tried at all! Months go by, and I am constantly working to improve the consistency, quality, and "prettiness" of the drinks I am making. A peak on my Instagram account can show the progress I made, which was really cool to see. Some of the regulars at the cafe even took the time to mention my improvement.

Before long, another throw down was coming up. Summer was coming to a close and the "Back 2 School Throw Down" was happening. The two weeks before the throw down, my coworkers and I were practicing every moment we could (many cappuccinos were drunk) and I was feeling prepared.


 I ended up going against my best friend in the first round, with me  progressing to the next level. Before I knew it, the organizer called  to say that we were taking a break before the Final 4 go head-to-  head in the finally. I was in the  FINAL FOUR! I couldn't believe it.  I was ecstatic. The three other  contestants were all people in the  local coffee community that I highly  respected and knew well  (including my boss) so the only way I was  going to progress any  further in the competition was by pure luck. I  ended up holding  my ground as 4th place, but I didn't mind at all. I  was so proud of  myself. My coworkers and I were especially proud of  my "Barista Boss", Sarah, for taking 1st place! Secretly we all knew she would roast everyone at the throw down (pun intended).


Practice makes (almost) perfect...

Not long after that throw down, I had my first day at Global Awakening. My first job relating to my major, my first "career job", my first office job, my first full-time job, and my first salaried job. I was so excited and feeling like an adult, but also feeling a little bummed to no longer be a Barista and a part of the "coffee community". You see, both Web Design and Coffee were big passions and hobbies of mine, so having to let one go was a bit difficult. Nonetheless, I tried my best to embrace this change. This 9-5 office work flow was certainly a change of pace from my days at the cafe. Closing every night, having late morning coffee dates, and working all weekend to Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm, weekends off? It was sort of a rough adjustment. Weekends off are SO NICE though. And let me tell ya, my stress levels? Are at practically zero after leaving the hectic restaurant environment and replacing it with a cozy swivel chair and computer work. The biggest thing I worry about on the daily is making sure I get to bed in time to get all 8 hours of sleep. #adulting

Speaking of "adulting", did I tell you that I started eating salads? Yeah, salads. Every day. AND I've been getting 8+ glasses of water a day. Where do I get my grown-up award?

I think now I can say I am both the resident Jr Web Developer AND the resident coffee snob wizard at the Global Awakening office, and I am more than happy to provide advice on both subjects.




Finding Joy in the Process

lizzie clark photographWritten by Lizzie Clark
Lizzie Clark is a jack of all trades ( Jill of all trades? ): she can make a latte for you while choreographing a dance, and managing to post it all on social media. She has also been recently recognized for winning the “Awesomeness Award” from her former boss, Joseph Cotten. She also enjoys long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners with her husband, Jeremiah.

Five years ago I packed up all I owned, slung it into the hatch of my Toyota Tacoma and began my journey from Murfreesboro, TN to Mechanicsburg, PA.

I had never heard of Global Awakening, Randy Clark, or the Charismatic Movement. I actually was moving to Mechanicsburg because of a faith based dance studio, Dance Revelation. My dream was to own my own dance studio.

My first year living in Mechanicsburg involved lots of healing and learning. I had just come out of an unhealthy relationship, I was away from my family, and had many broken friendships. Honestly, I was angry with God. I felt like He didn’t see me, or care about all the pain I was going through. I thought I didn’t need him, so I tried to figure it all out by myself.

In January of that year I had a, “come to Jesus moment” as I was driving down the interstate crying, angry, and thinking depressing thoughts. I heard the Lord say, “I see you. I want you. Trust in me.” Just hearing those words confirmed an identity within me that I had been searching for.

Part of the healing process He led me through was being a teachable Servant. I’ve worked behind the scenes in almost every department for Global Awakening: cafe, dance, bookstore, and web over the past five years. The Lord is continuing to show me how to be a faithful behind the scenes servant, and that being faithful in the small things reaps big reward. It’s all part of the trusting process.

My husband, Jeremiah (Randy Clark’s youngest son) and I got married in August of 2013, and have both worked for Global Awakening throughout our marriage. I think it’s important to note that Jeremiah embodies the DNA of Global: loving, passionate, fearless, humble servant, and motivated. Without realizing it, God was continuing to heal my heart with exactly what He knew I needed. He really does know the desires of our hearts before we even do!

As Jeremiah and I are prepare to move out of the state, I find myself looking back at 19 year old Lizzie and realizing how God has been so faithful to me. I’m moving now with a healthy marriage, new family, and absolutely amazing friends. I never asked God for any of those things. He’s just a good father!

The most important lesson I’ve learned from all these multiple moves, life changes, and spur of the moment decisions — besides the fact that I’m a total free spirit unicorn — is that if you trust Him in the unseen, the process becomes opportunity to build faith for yourself and others around you. God really does have the best things in store for you, and there is nothing you can do to make Him love you less. Finding joy in the process of hardship has been one of the most rewarding lessons.

I hope to always embody the heartbeat of Global Awakening, which is to serve well, love others fearlessly, lead with a humble heart, and dream big!

Editor’s Note: Lizzie has been a great help for many of us here in the Global offices, and I had the pleasure of working with her as part of the Web team. She has been instrumental in getting our email newsletters completed on time, and has ministered to many over our live webcasts. As we say goodbye to her as a staff member, it is my distinct honor to certify her as officially awesome. — Joseph Cotten




Joe Cotten & the Escape From New York

joe cotten's photographWritten by Joseph Cotten
Joseph is Global’s Web Development Specialist, which means that on this website and all our other websites, he is the man behind the curtain. He enjoys things of the geeky variety, has played guitar for 25 years, roasts his own coffee, and has a PhD in Underwater Basket Weaving. He does not have a PhD in Underwater Basket Weaving.

Last weekend, Global sent me to a web design & development conference in New York, NY. A great time was had by all, but it wasn’t without its difficulties…difficulties which happen to be hilarious.

The conference was in the middle of Manhattan, and I debated whether to use public transport, or to simply drive and book parking for the day. Driving ended up being significantly cheaper, so I opted for that, assuming the experience of driving through Manhattan would be an adventure. It being my first time driving to New York, I had not properly considered the various and sundry toll roads that one encounters when traversing the asphalt paradise that is NYC. For example, who knew that it costs $15 to drive through a tunnel? Despite that, I made it to the conference on time and ready to get my geek on.

The event itself was top notch. Having worked for Global for almost two years, I have a good idea of what it takes to put on a conference like this, and I was impressed. The speaker lineup was a mixture of web designers and web developers. Perhaps you’re wondering what the difference is. Here’s a great article about the differences, but suffice to say that designers make art, and developers make code. I am neither and both at the same time. I'm a web development specialist, so I straddle both sides of the design/develop fence, and as such, this conference was right up my alley. Well, technically, the alley belonged to the city of New York, but I digress.

joe and jamesI learned a lot, got inspired to try new coding and visual experimentations, and also found quite a bit of affirmation in how I think. There are ways that I approach web design which have not been the industry norm for the past few years, but is now becoming the recommended way of approaching things. I was happy to hear that I've been right all along! Probably the biggest highlight, for me happened not in the speaking sessions, but in the conference after party, where I was able to meet and spend time with one of my greatest sources of inspiration for the past 10 years: an artist named James White. James’ career started to take off just as I graduated college, so he was essentially a few years ahead of me. As such, we shared a common age bracket, entertainment preferences, childhood toys, and the desire to forge a new path in the design world. James and I have conversed over email, Twitter, comment threads, and I was able to briefly meet him at an event in Montreal several years ago, but this time we were able to actually hang out. It was a great time for me, and he said he was pleasantly surprised to see me there, because all the other speakers were web developers or designers, while James is a visual artist. He felt out of place amongst the other speakers and attendees, but I was, for him, a comforting presence because he knew me to be an artist as well. Likewise, since I can't claim to be the world's best developer or designer — remember: I do both! — I had to overcome feeling intimidated by attendees who coded all day long. Isn't it funny how we so often think we're out of place, or don't have the skills to meet the demands upon us, yet all the while we are uniquely qualified to do what needs to be done? I think as we can all reject the lie that we're uniquely and fatally flawed, and instead receive the truth that we're uniquely called and equipped — failings & all — we will see amazing things happen.

Now the real fun begins: leaving New York.

escape from new york


After stopping off in a Lebanese convenience store for a quick bite to eat, I found my car in the parking garage and began the treck home. Although it was nearly midnight, the streets of Manhattan were alive with activity, so I entered my home address into my navigation app. My contact lenses were starting to get blurry, so I leaned forward and squinted to see road signs as the GPS shouted out commands which gave me barely enough time to dart between lanes and cars to make turns.

As I got close to the Lincoln Tunnel, I suddenly remembered the dozens of tolls that would be paid before I made it off the island. It was quite an inconvenient time to recall that bit of information, as there was no way to leave the road, so I pressed on and prayed for an ATM to come into view. It should be noted at this point that the driver’s side window in my car recently began to malfunction. It won’t roll itself up, so I have to grasp it with my left hand and pull up while I press the “raise” button with my right hand. It takes effort and both hands to get the window raised. I pulled forward, retrieved my toll road entrance ticket, and started forward as I pulled the window back up. As I exited the Lincoln Tunnel and finished crossing 18 lanes of traffic — how did I end up in the far left lane? — I saw a glorious sight: a gas station on the toll road! I was saved! Upon finding an ATM inside, I inserted my bank card to withdraw cash…“ERROR: MACHINE OUT OF ORDER”. I tried again. “ERROR: MACHINE OUT OF ORDER”. “It’s ok,” I thought, “I can just use my debit card to purchase something in the gas station, and get cash back. Debit cards always allow for cash back.” I walked to the cashier in the gas station and presented my request, to which she responded “Oh no. We don’t do cash back.” “Huh,” said I, “What about next door at the restaurant?” “No, honey, nobody can do cash back here.” Since she worked on the toll road, I assumed she was an expert in such matters, so I asked her if the toll collectors took credit or debit. “Nope. Just cash.” Yikes. I knew I only had two $1 bills, and maybe two more dollars in change, nowhere near the $20 or so that I paid on the roads coming into New York. I explained my predicament to her, but in hindsight I think she thought that I lived nearby, because her solution was to point out a small access road behind the gas station which was used by employees, parcel delivery, etc. Having no other recourse, and trusting the relative experience of the clerk, I drove onto the dark, unlit, exceedingly creepy access road.

Soon I saw a diner in the middle of what appeared to be an abandoned lot, the asphalt broken and full of holes, a dim flickering street light from ages ago standing alone amidst the ruins of some bygone era of prosperity. Greasy flourescent lights were lit in the diner interior, so I pulled into the parking lot, parking alongside an early ‘90s Ford Taurus in drastic need of body work. Into the diner I ventured, opening the old, creaking door, and there directly ahead, its face gleaming in glorious technological novelty stood an Automated Teller Machine. I literally pumped my fist in the air and said “YES!”. Placing my card in the machine, I found that it worked, and gave me precious cash. I quickly put it into my wallet, scurried back to my car and pulled out of the parking lot.

Having never been here before, and having no street lights by which to navigate, I didn’t know how to get back to the gas station, but directly ahead was an entrance back to the toll road. “Perfect!” I thought, “I can just hop right back on, it won't be long now until I'm back home.” After an unexpectedly short trip on the turnpike, I pulled up to the toll collecter. My cheeks red with embarassment, I let my window fall back down and explained to the toll collector what happened with my exit and re-entry to the turnpike. Whether it was my out-of-place southern accent, or abundant lack of knowledge, she didn’t seem surprised by the fact that somehow I had come to her plaza with two entrance tickets — a feat which is supposed to be impossible. To her credit, she did not break out into laughter. She did point out, however, that the department of transportation would, in their mercy, be sending a citation to me in the mail forthwith. You see, one can not pay two entrance tickets. The system is automated, and would not allow me to pay what I owed, no matter how much I wanted to do so. She said to just pay the smaller ticket, so I did so. It was $1.75. I paid the toll, and started moving forward, yanking up on my window with my left hand, and waving good-bye to the attendant with my right hand, all the while my GPS shouting instructions to me.

Arriving back at home in the wee hours of the morning, it struck me that the toll I paid was only $1.75. That means that if I had simply stayed on the road and not exited to find an ATM, I would have had more than enough to pay the toll using the change I had in the car! Reaction seen here »

So, that’s my story. Maybe there’s no moral to this story, but if there were, it might be that in life, we face toll collectors: situations that tax us, drain us, push us beyond what we think we have (like thinking I didn't have enough money to pay the tolls), but in reality, we do have what it takes. We know we’re not alone, right? Maybe we just need to open up the console and pull out what we need.




Mary Nodded

allie 264Written by Allie Clark

Allie Clark is a facilitator for the Christian Healing Certification program and is married to Josiah Clark. They have two children and live in Mechanicsburg, PA. She went through the Global School in 2008, where God totally changed her life! There has been no going back!


“Mary nodded…the ox and lamb kept time…I played my drum for Him…I played my best for Him! Then He smiled at me!”

These words from the popular Christmas song hit my heart like an arrow one morning. God began speaking to me about the role of a mother. Now, I am a new mom so this could have easily stayed within the realm of child raising, but God is calling all of us further. He is taking us beyond the comfortable, and into authority.

Mary nodded. The nod of approval from a mother released a poor boy to give his best and worship our King. Her nod set creation into keeping rhythm.

I know, I know, this isn’t scripture. But I feel that God was pointing out the essential role of Mothers and Fathers in the faith. Pointing out the need for them to rise up and give approval. To release people to give their best, to feel His smile on their life.

A father or mother says to them, “What you have and who you are is enough. Its welcome, beautiful, and valued.”

It may be loud, disruptive, and send a shock into the “silent night.” But Jesus smiles.

A mothers’ nod started it all, her life laid down was seen by God. When people show you what they have do you judge it? It may be a horrible mess, it may be broken or weak, but can you see the joyous rhythm to come? Can you see the child of God beneath it all?

This is what God is asking me.

We are Sons and Daughters of the Most High, become mothers and fathers as soon as we can see that each life has something to offer Jesus. We are here to lead that life to freedom in worship.

Two loaves and five fish fed over 5,000. Look what happens when something is given to Jesus. He is awesome.

Maybe you are entering this season and all around you is the tunnel of chaos. Give him one second of trust, and he will show you the light at the end.

Maybe you are like me, a long time Christian and your heart is crying to reveal the depths of significance in this season. Look for those who need to be released, who need to feel some acceptance from the God that loves unconditionally. See the gold, see the beautiful tune to be drummed out, and come along side of them! Let them know it is good.

They are good.

They are His. Messy, broken, and weak, we are His. And over us, Jesus is smiling.

His coming as a fragile baby was a declaration to the messed up world “Come as you are, I make all things new.”

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me,
Because the Lord has anointed me
To bring good news to the afflicted;
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to captives
And freedom to prisoners;
To proclaim the favorable year of the Lord
And the day of vengeance of our God;
To comfort all who mourn,
To grant those who mourn in Zion,
Giving them a garland instead of ashes,
The oil of gladness instead of mourning,
The mantle of praise instead of a spirit of fainting.
So they will be called oaks of righteousness,
The planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.

Isaiah 61

You are anointed to declare the favor of Jesus. You are anointed to bring the good news, anointed to reveal Jesus. So those who were once captive would be called “oaks of righteousness.”

My prayer for all of us this holiday season is that we would boldly give all we have. That we would love deeply, setting aside our pride, and be vulnerable. Pray for the sick, Jesus who came as a baby, is the healer still today.

Jesus has poured out his approval over us. Will I realize that? Will I stand in joy and love, and serve Him without fear?? Will my life reveal Jesus this Christmas? We can change the world this season if we all answer YES.




Being His Hands and Feet in Mozambique

  • hap wide 1
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For this year’s humanitarian aid project, Global Awakening wanted to meet a need for our good friends over at Iris Ministries in Mozambique. Early this month I traveled with Will Hart and a team to Pemba to begin the construction of a church and the drilling of a well. The project took place in a village about 50 kilometers (30 miles) from the Iris base.

humanitarian aid project photo 2

Through Iris outreach, this village that was once completely muslim has had almost all of its residents converted to Christianity within the last year. The transition has happened so quickly that they constructed a temporary church building out of mud and bamboo so they could have a place to meet.

Working with Iris' construction team, we started construction on the church the day after we arrived. The first thing we did was start work on the foundation of the 30′ × 100′ building. Dump truck after dump truck arrived in this remote village to drop off red sand, boulders, cement mix, and cement blocks.

For the next 6 days we built up the church. It was amazing to see the community’s reaction to not only the church building, but the well that had been drilled prior to our arrival. The gratitude poured out of every person that came up to greet us as they told us that the project was impacting their lives in a profound way: women who had been walking up to 20 miles a day to get clean water for their families now had clean water in their own village. From morning until evening, the hand-pumped well did not stop. People came from not only the village to get water, but from miles away.

One morning on our way to the building site, we stopped to get bread to feed every person in the village (about 400 people). When I asked how much it would cost to get enough bread to feed everyone, I was shocked to hear that it would only take $20 USD. Twenty dollars to feed every person in that village.

humanitarian aid project photo 3

While we walked from hut to hut with the pastor handing out bread, we asked who was in need of prayer. Almost every person had an ailment of some kind. Many were healed as we layed our hands on them and prayed. One of the most notable healings was that of a woman who was suffering from vision loss in her right eye. After praying for a short time, her vision was restored!

As we finished up our work on the church building, I found it hard to leave the people of the village. We had in just a few days developed such a friendship despite the language barrier. It’s hard not to be changed when you see how grateful people are for the things we take for granted every day. They were so thankful for having a place worship Jesus, and having clean water and food.

humanitarian aid project photo 5

Many people have come up to me and told me how they wished they could have an opportunity to do things like this. My response is always the same: you can. James 1:27 says “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress…” There are people who are hungry, homeless, orphaned, and widowed right in your home town.

This project would not have been possible without the continued support of Global Awakening Partners. Although you may not be able to see the impact on the ground, you share in the reward! It’s only because of people like you that we’re able to continue to tend to the widows and orphans around the globe.

We shot a video while we were there of Will and Heidi Baker talking about the project. Click below to watch.


If you are interested in more information or how to donate to Global Awakening’s Humanitarian Aid Projects, you can email us at goglobal@globalawakening.com.

corey perkinsWritten by Corey Perkins
Currently serving as the Assistant Director of Events at Global Awakening, Corey travels around the world planning and facilitating healing and impartation conferences. He also oversees Global Awakening's Humanitarian Aid Projects, which provide relief and support around the world. Corey and his wife Lynette are based at Global Awakening's headquarters in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Editor’s Note: Corey has since moved on into a position with Iris Ministries in California and has also gotten married! We are thrilled to see Corey flourishing in this new season of his life.



John Rolf Interview

john2 132 132About John
John is the Media & IT Director for Global Awakening, overseeing a team of 7 employees. His team is in charge of all print & digital graphics, video production, marketing, the online presence for all of our ministries, and IT services.

Jeff Myers, Events Director interviews John Rolf…

Jeff: Give us an overview of your life story.

John: I’m from Lufkin, TX. It’s a little town in the Piney Woods of Deep East Texas. I was born, raised and lived most of my life in that area. I grew up in church, got baptized as a kid on Easter; but it was just religious routine. I didn’t really meet Jesus until I was 16 when I had a youth leader who took me under his wing and saw the call of God on my life for ministry. I began leading worship at that point and getting really involved in ministry. I knew at 17 that I was called to give my life to full time ministry.

After high school, I studied radio, television and film. During college I took my first official ministry job as a youth pastor at a small church in Palestine, TX. I had a youth group of about ten and found out pretty quickly that youth ministry wasn’t my calling!

In my early days of ministry I served in local churches as a worship pastor and also travelled as a worship leader with a Baptist evangelist. It was during that time that I met my wife, Jessica. We actually first met when we were four because we were in the same preschool class. She still has the class photo with both of us in it! We’ve been married for almost 15 years and have two young sons.

So since 1997 I’ve served in vocational ministry, and before coming to Global, I was the Senior Worship Arts Pastor at a large church in the DFW area for 8 ½ years.

Jeff: When was your first connection to Global Awakening?

John: In Dallas, my wife had been hanging out with some spirit-filled ladies. My background and theology was far from charismatic and I was really skeptical. I thought they were all nuts but I knew my wife wasn’t! Over a 2-year period of watching my wife and hearing some of her experiences, I opened up a bit. She arranged for the lady who led the group to prophesy and minister to me. They never mentioned “prophecy”, they just said “Hey, can we pray for you after the church service.” I was clueless that I was being set up.


We use terms like impartation, activation, baptism in the Spirit – all those different things. Whatever you want to call it, I got it ALL when she laid hands on me. I resisted it at first and was freaked out, but f

inally just said yes to God. I said, “Okay God, this has to be you. Whatever you want to do, I’m yours.” God took over and I started to vibrate and tremble and had the most significant encounter of my life. I got full on whacked! The effects and manifestations of that encounter lingered for over 2 weeks. I was like, what in the world is happening to me? I cried, I shook, I laughed, I got a prayer language. God started speaking to me in dreams in an overwhelming way. I got a boldness to start praying for people and started seeing healings and miracles. It all happened so quickly and I was legitimately clueless, so I started looking for training and ways to grow. That’s when I ran across Randy and Global Awaken

ing. A couple years later, I attended the Awakened to Destiny conference in Dallas. That was when I had my first physical touch with Global and it was a defining moment in our lives.

Jeff: What is your role at Global Awakening?

John: My title is Director of Media; which covers Graphics, Web, IT and Media. My department handles all the video production, live streaming of events and the media that you purchase in the bookstore. We handle all of the graphics and print material and also manage the entire web presence for the ministry. Our team stays busy!

Jeff: What is the greatest miracle or testimony that you’ve ever filmed or edited?

John: Probably the first one that jumps out at me was a lady in Brazil on an IMT trip. I wa

s filming during an evening church service and on the other side of the room I hear this scream. It was blood curdling and everyone in the room turned to try and see what was going on. I went running over there with my camera. A crowd had formed and people were saying, “This lady’s eyeball is growing back!” I pressed through the crowd and it was true. Her eye was reforming in the socket. It was crazy!

Jeff: Is it true you were named after the husband of Pocahontas?

John: No, but I probably am related! He had an “e” at the end of Rolfe and my family actually used to have an “e” at the end. My great-grandfather stowed away on a ship from Southampton, England to the States. When he arrived at the port, for some reason they made him drop the “e”.

Jeff: Which came first, building motorcycles or learning your first video editing software?

John: Editing software… but restoring vintage motorcycles is my favorite hobby right now. I have a weird obsession with taking old crusty worn out stuff and bringing it back to life. So the only resurrections I’ve seen so far are a couple of old bikes!

Jeff: Over the next five to ten years, what do you hope to see from your department in media? Where are you going to take it?

John: I’d like to see our resources tailored to a broader audience than just the Global stream. I’d like to change things around to where this movement is more accessible outside of the normal crowd. I don’t know exactly what that looks like yet, but video and web is where everything is happening right now. The world is more connected today than anytime in history and we have a massive opportunity to use media to see even more people step into what we’ve experienced.





Treasures Hidden in the Darkness

jessica cotten 132 132Written by Jessica Cotten
Jessica serves as the administrator for the Global Certification Programs (CHCP and CPCP). She earned a Bachelor's degree in Spanish with a minor in International Studies from Greensboro College, along with additional post under-graduate certifications. She has worked as a creative director for a graphic and branding design firm, taught English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), taught Spanish, and served as the Worship and Creative Arts Director at her local church. In addition, Jessica has recorded a full-length music album, and is currently writing her first novel. She loves helping people and organizations stay authentic while achieving their maximum potential.

Treasures Hidden in the Darkness

A few weeks ago, a prophet chased me down in the middle of downtown. He was shouting prophetic words at people. It was annoying. I ignored him. But then he said something to me there was no way he could've known. And then he said my name. We had never met. I turned to listen. "Three years ago," he said to me, "you thought you were done for. But you have a secret weapon. It's the darkness, it's hiddenness."

This was all in a dream, of course. But I listen to my dreams.

God spoke to Abraham about a grand future. And then it took forever and a day for it to happen. I wonder what was formed in Abraham during that in between time? It was an opportunity - for depth, trust, and companionship with Yahweh. I think Abraham took the opportunity. He was, in the end, called "a friend of God." Now there's a secret weapon.

God spoke to Joseph about an unfathomable destiny. And then Joseph was promptly betrayed, enslaved, nearly murdered, falsely accused, and imprisoned. So, I wonder what he gained during those dark seasons? They were an opportunity. For depth, trust, and companionship with Yahweh - things he would need desperately during his next season.  Those years of darkness and hiddenness ended up becoming his secret weapon.

Mehdi Dibaj was an Iranian pastor who was arrested for apostasy and spent nine years in prison. One month before he was released, he stood before the Islamic court and gave the most beautiful, courageous defense of his faith. You can read it here. When he was finally released from prison (January 1994), he said this:

“God gave me the unique privilege to spend nine years in prison for his Name sake. They turned out to be the best years of my life, because what I had believed while free, is what I experienced while in prison; ‘Lo, I am with you always’...Close to Jesus changes the worst prison into a paradise.”

In the darkness and in the seasons of hiddenness lie opportunity. Secret weapons are forged. Depth, faith, authenticity, companionship with Jesus, authority. What the enemy tries to kill us with, God wields into weapons that haunt the devil in ways he never foresaw. Silly ‘ol devil. Redemption wins.

May all that is opposed to God’s perfection in our lives be diminished. May all that is torn up and broken and chaotic be stitched together and healed and made right.  And also, at the same time, may we all be convinced of Yahweh's heart, when He says to us what He said to King Cyrus... "I will give you the treasures hidden in the darkness - the secret riches."

Isaiah 45:3 

Editor’s Note: Jessica has since resigned and moved into a new season of her life and ministry. Though she is no longer here in the office each day, we are excited to see the new things God is doing in her life, and will always consider part of the Global Awakening community.



Interceding For Your Children

tonya clark 132x132Written by Tonya Clark
Tonya is the administratior for Wagner Leadership Institute-Global Awakening. She is also the wife of Josh Clark and together have three beautiful children.

Powerful Praying Parents Unite!

You don’t have to do everything right as a parent, but there is one thing you cannot afford to get wrong…prayer. You’ll never be a perfect parent, but you can be a praying parent. Prayer is your highest privilege as a parent. Prayer turns ordinary parents into prophets who shape the destinies of their children, grandchildren and every generation that follows.

—Excerpt from “Praying Circles Around Your Children”.


My husband, Joshua, and I have three amazing children: Simeon (6), Selah (4), and Malakai (2). As you might imagine, life is incredibly full and rewarding, if not also, at times, challenging and exhausting. About a year ago my sister mailed me a little book titled, “Praying Circles Around Your Children.” My husband and I had always prayed for our children---short prayers on the way to school, before naps, bed times, ect.—, but everything changed when I read this little book.

My eyes were opened; my heart stirred. I shared the amazing insights from the book with my husband and we changed our prayers from, “Lord let them follow you all the days of their lives” to “Lord, let them want to know you more each and every day of their lives.” we didn’t want them to just be followers; we wanted them to be lovers of Him. I finished this small book soaking in each and every word, hungry to start this new prayer journey with my family.

So we sat down and tailored a prayer list for each child. We listed their strengths and struggles, as well as what the Lord had spoken to us about them. Then we found Bible verses to go with each topic area (e.g., fear, love, grace, anger, etc.). We incorporated these verses into our family prayer time, which was becoming more intentional and powerful. We prayed over our children with a greater passion, a greater purpose. We understood we were shaping their destinies and pushing back the powers of darkness, which would have all people be fearful—afraid of not being liked, accepted or loved. We were laying the foundation of God’s perfect love, which drives out all fear.

Honestly, I don’t know what I am doing as a parent most of the time and often fail miserably. I sometimes get overly mad about trivial things: cluttered rooms, spilled cereal, and soiled carpet—and that’s just from this morning alone! I forget to extend the grace that has been so beautifully given to me. I know there are so many that feel this same way. I encourage you to stop, plant your feet and pray for your children. Prayer helps focus your priorities on the eternally significant, and in doing provides peace (both to your child and you).

“[I]f you are willing to interrupt your sleep cycle, if you are willing to get on your knees and intercede for your family, God will answer your prayers long after you are long gone. Don’t lose heart. Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose faith.”




This is Your Moment

johanna leach 132x132Written by Johannah Leach
Johannah is the Founder and Director of Dance Revelation Studio. Her heart for ministry leads her to mentor young students and teens as well as her staff as they grow in their art form and press into the love that Jesus has for them. She directs the dance studio and travels with her husband, David Leach, ministering to others on the art of worship.

Living each day with a FRESH perspective and being confident in YOU was our focus this past dance season. We learned that “this” is your moment! I have witnessed many students this year take on this type of mindset, overcome their obstacles and learn from each other through demonstrating love and grace to one another. 

We kept in mind that when you try to be someone other than yourself, you will not end up being the best version of you. When you are true to who you are and who God made you to be, you will more naturally be able to fulfill your purpose and be the best version of yourself that you are destined to be. When you free your mind from the competition of the world, focusing rather on your purpose in this life rather than comparing yourself to others, you will open yourself up to letting go and keeping your mind on the greater.

Building your foundation helps you become a more faithful and hopeful you, seeking after your goals and fulfilling your dreams. Live for today for you know not what tomorrow will bring. You, yourself, can change a life, even in a moment. Your actions, your words, carry power. 

Live each day as a fresh start day, a fresh way to make a difference, a fresh chance to be the person you were made to be. When you wake up in the morning, think of how today is your very best day. Look at things with fresh eyes, and focus on the bigger picture. Keep childlike hope, love, and faith, for each day is your first and only time to experience that day.

Be thankful for who is in your life. See the best in everything around you. Realize that you can and should live in the moment. Appreciate the here and now. Open your heart, soul, and mind to learn from yesterday and apply it to today. Faithfully believe for the greater  tomorrow. In everything you do, be the best YOU.




Get to know our Dance Revelation department

DRS staff 908

Johannah Leach, daughter of Randy Clark, founded Dance Revelation in 2007. Dance Revelation is part of Global Awakening and serves the local community. The staff has grown to 9 employees with over 250 students coming through our doors in any given dance year. 

Dance Revelation trains and equips the body of Christ starting at a very young age. Doors are open to students as young as age two all the way through adulthood, exposing students to mentors and an atmosphere of love, faith, and acceptance. 

Dance Revelation impacts families and the community by imparting the gift of dance, expression, and creativity. Some of our students have formed a worship team, traveling and worshiping the Lord through dance. Their worship and devotion to God impacts the body by moving them to spend time with God in new ways. 

As of today, Dance Revelation is less than two weeks away from their Annual Performance (June 12 and 13), a two-night event that showcases what students have learned since September. We invite you to watch via our webcast. You can sign up by clicking on the link provided below. We hope you enjoy seeing a bit of what our students are accomplishing.

We look forward to be frequent contributors to this blog and keeping you updated on the excitement of our Annual Performance and upcoming events.