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Guyana 2017

A growing sense of anticipation was palpable sitting on the verandah overlooking both the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception and the busy streets of Georgetown, Guyana. It was the start of the gathering of 30 people from North America and the United Kingdom with a passion to see God’s kingdom and love revealed and experienced by the people of Guyana. It was sure to be the lived revelation of the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom and to see heaven come to earth.

Arriving on the first day of the three day conference at the National Cultural Centre, the main stage was adorned with the theme of the gathering: Manifestation of God’s Power. Apostle Steve Wilson began the meeting declaring that something was being accelerated in the country of Guyana, where there will be an increase in the power and presence of God as God awakens every believer to carry the supernatural power of God to every area of the nation. The level of faith rose as believers received the truth that we are carriers of the presence of God and the power of Holy Spirit. As Pastor Tom Jones continued with teaching on partnership with God, we all began declaring, “Why not here? Why not now? Why not me?!” It was certainly a kairos moment for this nation, which was proclaimed by the Superintendent of the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches’ Apostle Elsworth Williams and his wife, Pastor Carmen Williams.

The gravity of this moment on the country’s spiritual, social and political climate was accentuated with the attendance of the President of Guyana, The Honorable David Arthur Granger, and several of his cabinet members at the first evening service during the conference. It was evident that the Guyanese people were walking into a season full of hope, unity, promise, and the power of God. The coming together of different denominations and ministers from different countries, including Suriname, French Guiana, Barbados, USA and the Netherlands, further evidenced the sense of unity.

Many of the leaders were hungry for more of God and enjoyed receiving teaching from both Apostle Steve Wilson and Pastor Tom Jones on day two of the conference. The level of expectancy grew as Pastor Tom Jones preached on walking out our prophetic destiny.

A dynamic time of impartation lead by Dr. Randy Clark proceeded on day three of the conference with many in attendance encountering God in powerful ways. Moreover, Dr. Randy Clark taught on healing and words of knowledge and many people received healing. One of my favorite testimonies from that day was an elderly man who had a stroke resulting in decreased function and range of motion in his left arm and leg. He received healing and consequently started bending his arm and squatting down to touch the ground. There was cheering as he refused help but instead walked off the platform using the stairs independently.

The conference set the foundation for what followed during the crusades. Praise and worship rang through the atmosphere with the crowds singing out the theme song, “ You are the God of miracles, You are the God of wonders, You are the God all powerful, I believe, I believe!” As people were healed the crowds grew during each subsequent service. I can recall an usher testifying that he received prayer for back pain and was healed. He began declaring that this was, “the real deal”.

The real God, with real power showed up and over 1000 people receiving healing, including 15 people with blindness or vision loss, 3 people with deafness, 2 people with metal parts and 12 people with tumors.  Other people were healed and experienced God’s love through several team members who, during the day, went into the main market in Georgetown to minister to people. During that time, two blind eyes opened and several gave their hearts to God.

Over the course of the conference and crusades over 7400 people attended and heard the gospel message. Many responded to the drawing of Holy Spirit leading to 276 people receiving salvation.

After experiencing God in such powerful ways, it was time for the ministry team to embrace and say our goodbyes. We left filled with a passion to see Jesus receive his just reward and for God to be glorified. The trip is over but the story of the manifest power demonstrated in each of our lives continues. We carry this command and promise back to our home communities and families: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole of creation…and these signs will follow those who believe: In my name they will cast out demons…they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” (Mark 16:15, 17-18 NKJV)